Plants and Products

    Medicinal Properties

All of the plants in these preparations are medicinal and healing in many ways such as: anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal, nervine, pain relieving, mood altering, relaxing, refreshing, nourishing, soothing, and wound resolvant.

In combination, the plants work synergistically. Both knowledge and intuition play in the composition of the formulas.

Oil for the face

Oil "For-the-Face" photo: Glenda Cunningham

Orange Blossom Mist

Orange Blossom Mist - photo: Glenda Cunningham

Golden Lion Oil

Golden Lion Oil - photo: Glenda Cunningham

Shea Butter from Sunlight Botanicals

Shea Butter - A favorite for healing and protecting the skin - photo: Glenda Cunningham

Plants and Sun-infusion

Some of the plants cultivated are calendula, comfrey, rose, nettle, lavender, chamomile, and arnica, and thyme. Some of the plants which I collect conscientiously in the wild are hypericum (St. Johnswort),  plantain, dandelion, arnica, and yarrow.

The fresh or freshly dried plants are sun-infused in cold-pressed olive oil. That means they are cut fine, covered with oil in large glass jars, and left in the sun for many weeks. The warmth of the sun gently extracts the medicinal properties of the plants into the oil.

Then, after straining out plant material, the oil is ready to use; some of the oils are golden, some pale green and hypericum’s yellow blooms yield deep red oil.

The SUNLIGHT has effectively transfused the oil with the qualities of the plants!

    Blending Ingredients

These precious oils are then combined with beneficial oils such as jojoba, rose-hip seed,  plum kernel, shea and cocoa butters and beeswax, distilled water, fragrant hydrosols and aloe vera. Additionally, therapeutically powerful essential oils and FES* flower essences may be part of the blends. The resulting products are offered for your benefit.

For gardeners, musicians, athletes, children, mothers, fathers, lovers and everyone who wants to care for their skin!

FES = Flower Essence Society of Nevada City, California

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